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RQ-2A Pioneer
1st RPV Company, VMU-1 "Watchdogs"

BuNo.ModexNose artCommentPhotos

RQ-2A Pioneer
2nd RPV Company, VMU-2 "Nightowls", assigned to 4th MEB

BuNo.ModexNose artCommentPhotos

RQ-2A Pioneer
3rd RPV Company, VMU-1 "Watchdogs"

BuNo.ModexNose artCommentPhotos

Known Modexes of RQ-2As from pictures: 120, 121, 157, 180 (4 camel signs for missions), 0223, 0224 (two palm trees for missions, nose art "BARTMAN / Eat my shorts Saddam" with Bart Simpson)

Table of sorties

UnitDatesSortiesFlt. HoursDamagedDestroyed
1st RPV Co.26/09/90 - 03/03/91107334.871
2nd RPC Co.27/11/90 - 01/03/9169226.623
3rd RPV Co.15/08/90 - 02/03/91160424.14-
RPV Det. 107/08/90 - 03/03/9199347.622
RPV Det. 203/11/90 - 03/03/9164209.7-7
UAV Plt.01/02/91 - 03/03/9146154.93-
Total07/08/90 - 03/03/915451697.71813

Detachements of UAVs were also at USS Wisconsin (BB-64) and USS Missouri (BB-63).

During September 1990 through March 1991, both 1st and 3rd RPV Companies were deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM, the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi invaders.
In what was the United States’ first combat test of the Pioneer UAV, both companies enjoyed tremendous success throughout the operation and detected a host of enemy activity including troop movements, artillery positions, armored formations, surface-to-surface missiles, and air defense sites.
Both units’ efforts contributed significantly to the coalition’s lopsided victory over Iraq and validated the merits of unmanned aviation in expeditionary maneuver warfare.

In August 1990, the 2d RPV Company was reassigned to the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) and embarked to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Desert Shield.
The company remained embarked with the 4th MEB until November 1990. Thereafter, the company was ordered ashore and reassigned to the 1st Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Intelligence Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force.
During this period, the company flew in support of Exercise Cruel Challenge. During January 1991, the company deployed to Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia in direct support of the 2d Marine Division and later relocated to Al Mishab to conduct missions in support of Operation Desert Storm.
From 15 February to 3 March 1991, direct support of Operation Desert Storm was conducted from Al Qurah. 2d RPV Company began retrograde operations and returned to Camp Lejeune, NC on 20 March 1991.