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F-4E "Phantom"
3rd TFS/3rd TFW, Clark AFB, Phillipines, tail code "PN" - Incirlik AB, Turkey

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72-1407  Fall 1992 -> Photo 1
73-1198  © B. Roop 03/1991 Photo 1
73-1199  Photo 1 Photo 2

Six F-4E from the 3rd TFS/3rd TFW were deployed, but only four made it to Incirlik on 2/20/91.
The unit's AVQ-26 Pave Tack pods were stuck in a transport at Hickam AFB, and did not arrive in time for combat use.
The unit's first combat action occured on 2/22/91, when they flew AAA suppressions missions for F-16's against Al Mosul, Iraq, with similiar combat missions on 2/26 and 2/27.

Ordnance configurations were the same for all combat missions, all aircraft:
- a single CBU-87/D on each of the inboard pylons, suspended from 'special weapon' adapter
- AIM-9 missle rails were in place, but no Sidewinder missiles were carried
- AIM-7F's in the two rear Sparrow wells
- deep ALQ-131(V)-14 in left front Sparrow well, right front well unused
- two 370 gallon wing tanks, and F-15 style 600 gallon centerline tank

A Pave Tack laser designation mission was set for 2/28/91, but was canceled due to the cease fire. The aircraft were loaded, but did not fly, with:
- Paveway GBU-10C's mounted directly to the each inboard pylon (atleast 73-1199 was equipped so for the one bombing mission, target was Airbus A300 - there was a ceasefire so no mission was executed)
- AVQ-26 Pave Tack on centerline, replacing 600 gallon tank.
All aircraft were AN/ARN-101 and TISEO equipped. All planes left Turkey 3/19/91, and went directly to AMARC 25/3/1991.