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Kawasaki KV-107/IIA-SM

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MOI/01 KV-107/IIA-SM-1Photo 1 Photo 2
MOI/02 KV-107/IIA-SM-1 
MOI/03 KV-107/IIA-SM-2 
MOI/04 KV-107/IIA-SM-2Photo 1
MOI/05 KV-107/IIA-SM-1 
MOI/06 KV-107/IIA-SM-1 
MOI/07 KV-107/IIA-SM-1 
MOI/08 KV-107/IIA-SM-1Photo 1 Photo 2
MOI/09 KV-107/IIA-SM-2Photo 1
MOI/10 KV-107/IIA-SM-4Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4
MOI/11 KV-107/IIA-SM-4Photo 1
MOI/12 KV-107/IIA-SM-4Photo 1 Photo 2
MOI/13 KV-107/IIA-SM-3Photo 1 Photo 2
MOI/14 KV-107/IIA-SM-1Photo 1
MOI/15 KV-107/IIA-SM-2Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4
MOI/16 KV-107/IIA-SM-3 

KV-107/IIA-SM-1 - firefighters with a pumper boom that could use a 1,895 liter (500 US gallon) internal tank full of water or foam, or link up to a ground tanker through a hose. This variant also had a rescue hoist and had a secondary cargo transport mission.
KV-107/IIA-SM-2 - multipurpose helicopters. They could carry a medical kit for emergency services, and could also be used for used for transport, rescue (they were fitted with an external hoist), and firefighting (with a sling load bucket).
KV-107/IIA-SM-3 - VIP version.
KV-107/IIA-SM-4 - air ambulances with a full emergency medical service fit, even including gear for emergency surgery. This variant was often used to support the Hajj, the Moslem pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Saudis offered their KV-107s for sale when their S-92s replaced them. CHI looked them over, offered a low bid, and KSA MOI refused. There are differences in electrical and hydraulic systems between BV built and KV built civil 107s. They are still sitting in Saudi pending sale.