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SA-316B "Alouette III"

Ser. no.Nose artCommentPhotos
3-H-109 from 02/11/90Photo 1
3-H-112 till 02/11/90Photo 1
3-H-115  Photo 1

Aerospatiale SA-316B Alouette III has been at Desert Storm war on board corvette MEKO 360 ARA Almirante Brown D-10.
3-H-112 embarked on 25/09/1990, but ditched to sea from the turbine failure on 02/11/1990 (Pilot Teniente de Navio HELMAN, Mechanic Cabo Principal AGUIRRE) (recovered and repaired)
Was replaced by 3-H-109 (arrived to Fujairah, UAE onboard C-130H) and served on the ship until 04/1991 when returned home.
Helos were equipped with MG-151/20 gun in the cabin.
Above the code 3-H-109/3-H-112/3-H-115 the same code was written in arabic.