Poškozená a ztracená spojenecká letadla a vrtulníky

DatumTypSér.č. / Bu.No.PosádkaJednotkaPozicePříčina
??/??/91A-6E155620/AJ-503Pilot - Jeff "Spooge" Martin
B/N - Don "DQ" Quinn
VA-65 During a bomb run, the plane was hit by AAA, the shell not detonating and created big hole in the wing. Plane diverted to Bahrain and was repaired.
??/??/91KA-6D151572/AA-523 VA-35 Damaged by a skidding E-2C. Never flew again. Video
02/08/90Mirage F1CK712 Kuwait AF destroyed by Iraqis
unknownSA-342KKAF-505 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-506 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-510 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-513 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-516 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-518 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-520 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-521 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
unknownSA-342KKAF-524 Kuwait AF downed or destroyed, probably during the first days of war
20/08/90OH-58D88-0305 101st Airborne DivisionSaudi Arabiawritten off, crashed on a training flight in Saudi Arabia
29/08/90C-5A68-0228 Killed:
Pilot - Maj. John M. Gordon
Pilot - Maj. Richard W. Chase
Pilot - Maj. Richard M. Price
FE - Senior Master Sgt. Carpio Villarreal Jr.
FE - Master Sgt. Rosendo Herrera
Loadmaster - Tech. Sgt. Daniel G. Perez
Loadmaster - Staff Sgt. Edward E. Sheffield
Crewchief - Tech. Sgt. Lonty A. Knutson
Crewchief - Staff Sgt. Daniel Garza
all from 433rd MAW, Kelly AFB, TX

Master Sgt. Samuel M. Gardner Jr.
Staff Sgt. Marc H. Cleyman
Staff Sgt. Rande J. Hulec
all from 31st Weather Squadron, Hahn AB, Germany

Capt. Bradley R. Schuldt - 7th Air Division, Ramstein AB, Germany

Lt. Col. Frederick K. Arzt Jr. - 62nd MAW, McChord AFB, Washington
Master Sgt. Dwight A. Pettit Jr. - 62nd MAW, McChord AFB, Washington
Lt. Cynthia A. Borecky - 3rd Weather Squadron, England AFB, LA
Staff Sgt. Lorenzo Galvan Jr. - 433rd MAW, Kelly AFB, TX
68th MAS/433rd MAWRamstein AB, Germanycrashed - as the aircraft started to climb off the runway, one of the thrust reversers suddenly deployed (faulty thrust reverser)
03/09/90F-16C83-1151/SWPilot - Cpt. Richard Setzer - ejected33rd TFS/363rd TFW engine fire during training sortie, pilot ejected over Saudi Arabian Peninsula (Abu Dhabi)
07/09/90AH-1W16????/HF-??2 injuredHMLA-269 During a routine training flight the aircraft made a hard landing approximately 30 miles from Dharan and rolled over
07/09/90OH-58C(RG)71-20835   crashed, flew into sand dune
13/09/90OH-58D88-03021 injured  crashed, flew into sand dune
13/09/90CH-53E161390/YJ-22 HMH-465 Crashed on takeoff from King Abdul Aziz AB. Pilot inadvertently attempted a single-engine takeoff after refuelling. Pilot lost control, the aircraft crash-landed, rolled and caught fire.
26/09/90SH-3H151525/AC-610 HS-7 lost power and crashed off of the USS JF Kennedy
29/09/90UH-60A86-24542 101st Avn Bgd flew into sand dune
29/09/90UH-60  101st Avn Bgd damaged
29/09/90UH-60  101st Avn Bgd damaged
30/09/90F-15E87-0203/SJPilot - Maj. Peter S. Hook - KIA
WSO - Cpt. James B. "Boo Boo" Poulet - KIA
335th TFS/4th TFW The aircraft was flying a low-level training mission over the desert about 63 miles north of Thumrait, Oman in preparation for Operation Desert Storm. Due to sand dust floating in the air close to the ground, sand-pitted aircraft windscreen and three external fuel tanks (which was unusual to Strike Eagles at that time), the pilot made a mistake by visually judging aircraft altitude that would have been necessary for performing a split-S maneuver. At the bottom part of the split-S, when the aircraft's nose was already pointing upwards (with the stick being pulled back fully) the aircraft's tail touched the ground (creating a fifty-foot trail of burned sand in the desert) resulting in a crash.
02/10/90OH-58C(FG)70-15311no injuriesCompany C, 1st Btn, 24th Avn Pilot suffered from spatial disorientation and lost visual reference on a night approach to King Abdulaziz Air Base, Dharhran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Both crew survived, albeit with injuries.
08/10/90RF-4C64-1044/BHPilot - Maj. Barry K. Henderson - KIA
WSO - LtCol. Stephen G. Shramm - KIA
106th TRS/117th TRWnear Abu Dhabicrashed
No list that breaks down which personnel were with which aircraft
Capt William D. Cronin Jr. - KIA
Capt Gary S. Dillion - KIA
Capt Kevin R. Dolvin - KIA
Capt William J. Hurley - KIA
Sgt Kenneth T. Keller Jr. - KIA
Ssgt John R. Kilkus - KIA
Cpl Timothy W. Romei - KIA
LCpl Thomas R. Adams - KIA
HMLA-267/HMM-164, operating from USS Okinawaoff Omancollided
11/10/90F-111F74-0183/LNPilot - Captain Thomas R. "TC" Caldwell - KIA
WSO - Captain Frederick A "Art" Reid - KIA
45th TFS/48th TFWAskr Bombing Range, north of TaifAircraft was flying a low-level night training mission over a gunnery range when it crashed into the ground during a loft-bombing maneuver.
18/10/90Tornado Gr.1ZA466/FHPilot - Sqn.Ldr. Ivor Valker - ejected
WSO - Sqn.Ldr. Bobby Anderson - ejected
16 Sq. Arrest barrier was incorrectly raised at the approach end and caught the MLG forcing the a/c sharply down to hard landing. Aircraft was shipped back to the UK as parts for spares.
21/10/90Bae Hawk503 UAE crashed during training flight
11/11/90Jaguar Gr.1XX754Pilot Flt.Ltn. Keith Collister - KIA54th Sqn.over Qatarcrashed in low-level training flight, hit the ridge
24/11/90CH-53E161393/YJ-20 HMH-465 damaged
29/11/90Tornado IDS(T)769 RSAFHalf Moon Bay, Zahran 
29/11/90AS-332F-1 Super Puma715 RSAF written off
05/12/90AH-1S77-22790no injuriesTroop A, 2nd Sqn, 17th Cavalry crashed in Saudi Arabia after crew got disoriented while flying with NVGs and stirred up dust cloud
05/12/90AH-1S/F  2nd Sqn, 17th Cavalry (101st Abn Div) damaged by loose equipment blowing on the ground
07/12/90Mirage F1CR609/33-CAPilot Lieutenant Frederic Noel MarcelEscadron 1/33 "Belfort", French AF During a very low altitude flight over the Saudi desert for a training with Mirage 2000s, his wing unfortunately touched the ground while in turn. Plane crashed into the ground, killing his pilot.
31/12/90EA-6B163405/AJ-620Lt. T. Brumfield, Lt. J. Meier, Lt. S. Schwing and LtJg S. DyceVAQ-141US NavyLost when arrester gear failed and aicraft went over the side. Crew ejected safely and was rescued.
04/01/91RC-12D80-233751st MIBtnUS Army crashed, later repaired
07/01/91AH-64A86-8953  Saudi ArabiaAPU fire, burnt out on the ground
08/01/91F-16C88-0483/HLPilot Cpt. Micheal L. Chinburg - KIA4th TFS/388th TFWnorth eastern part of Saudi Arabiaspatial disorientation during night training flight
08/01/91Phantom FGR.2XV462/BPilot Flight Lieutenant Graham J. Williams - ejected
WSO Flying officer Gary A. Wainwright - ejected
19 Sqn RAF20 Miles south of Limassol, CyprusEntered a roll while in a left hand descending turn from which the pilot could not recover.
10/01/91Gazelle AH.1ZB675  Saudi ArabiaCrashed into the desert after the main rotor struck the ground during an unauthorised display, total loss
11/01/91CH-47D89-00165Pilot CW4 Robert Dean Gardner - injured
5 other - injured
Company B, 7th Btn, 101st Avn (101st Abn Div) The aircraft was the trail aircraft and suffered a maintenance problem/emergency called an Engine Transmission Hot. The oil system had basically failed and the 100+ lb gear box mounted on the front of the right side engine cooked and quickly caught fire. The crew landed the aircraft safely and all 15+ people got out (in record time). The rest of the flight landed near by and for the next hour we watched as the aircraft, a HUMMV, a 105mm howitzer, and a basic load of artillery shells was completely consumed by the fire (and a few small explosions.)
13/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZD718/BHPilot - Flt.Ltn. Kieran J. Duffy - KIA
WSO - Flt.Ltn. Norman T. Dent - KIA
14 Sqn. crashed in low-level flight, hit the ground with wingtip during left-turn
14/01/91F-16A79-0400/NYPilot ejected138th TFS/174th TFW engine seized and EPU quit/failed
16/01/91A-6E152928/NE-404Callsign "Jackal 404"
Pilot Lt. William Tom "TC" Costen - KIA
B/N Lt. Charles J. "Tuna" Turner - KIA
VA-155MarshAAA - shot down while sowing mines around the naval base at Umm Qasr
17/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZD744/BDPilot Fg Off N.J.W. Ingle
WSO Flt. Lt. P. McKearnan
  damaged - bird strike to the stork, to the port´s wing leading edge, landed succesfully after deploying JP223s on the target. sent back to Bruggen for repairs, came back after 3 days, flew again
17/01/91Jaguar AA91/11-YGPilot Cne Hummel - "Mamel"French AF hit by an SA-7, both engines caught fire, but pilot landed at Jubail
17/01/91Jaguar AA104/11-EKPilot Lt. Bonnafoux - "Bonaf"French AF engine hit by shell frag and caused divert to Jubail
17/01/91Jaguar AA108/11-MPPilot "Charly"French AF canopy penetrated by 14.5mm round, pilot recovered wounded
17/01/91Jaguar A  French AF flight control systems hit, pilot returned to Al Aksa
17/01/91A-10A81-0964/AR 511th TFS/10th TFWSE IraqDamaged from AAA - hole in left wing leading edge, also in mid spar web
17/01/91F-111F70-2384/LN 48th TFW15nm E Salman Pakdamaged - collided with tanker, not repaired until ceasefire
17/01/91A-10A82-0664/MB 353rd TFS/354th TFW Damaged from AAA - small calibre holes, 2 severed hydraulic lines, front spar web damage
17/01/91B-52G  42nd BW damaged - SA-3/6
17/01/91F-111F  48th TFW1nm S Balad Airfielddamaged - AAA
17/01/91F-111F  48th TFW damaged - AAA
17/01/91F/A-18C163484/AA-403Callsign "Sunliner 403"
Pilot LCdr. Micheal Scott "Spike" Speicher - KIA
VFA-8129nm SE Baghdadshot down by MiG-25PD with AA-6, remains found and identified 07/2009
17/01/91A-6E161668/AA-510Callsign "Quicksand 12"
Pilot Lt. Jeffrey N. Zaun - POW
B/N - Lt. Robert Wetzel - POW
VA-355nm SW H-3R-SAM
17/01/91A-6E158539/AA-502Callsign "Dash 4"
Pilot Lt. John A. Snevely Jr.
B/N - Mark F. Eddy
VA-35over H-3Struck by Roland SAM, emergency landing at Al Jouf, Saudi Arabia.
17/01/91A-4KUKAF-828Callsign "Bergan 23"
Pilot Maj. Muhammed Sultan Mubarak - POW
Kuwait AF25nm S Kuwait CityR-SAM
17/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZD791/BGCallsign "Norwich 02"
Pilot Flt.Ltn. John Peters - POW
WSO Flt.Ltn. Adrian Nicholls - POW
16th Sqn. (RAF)Ar Rumaylah Southwest AirfieldIR-SAM
17/01/91F/A-18D164051/VK-10Callsign "Combat 41"
Pilot - Major Ken “Cheyenne” Bode
WSO - John "Ping" Scanlan
VMFA(AW)-121 SA-7 - hit into the right burner can, made it back to base heavily damaged
17/01/91F/A-18A162468/VW-14Pilot Capt. Scott M. "Coma" QuinlanVMFA-314 hit by SAM - heavy damage, both engines FODed, damage to the aft fuselage, and damage to the left vertical and horizontal stabs, tailhook blown off
17/01/91F/A-18A162469/VW-03Pilot Maj. R. M. "Boomer" KnutzenVMFA-314 hit by SAM - heavy damage, one FODed engine, damage to the aft fuselage, and damage to the left vertical and horizontal stabs, tailhook blown off
17/01/91CH-47D84-24152Callsign "Python 50"
CWO3 Russ Hunter
CWO2 Dan Folse
CWO3 Don Harward
Unit operations officer Capt Eric Peterson
+ several Army and Air Force enlisted troops on board
3/160 SOAR Reported launching of a surface-to-air missile. While executing an evasive maneuver, the helicopter struck the ground, shearing off its left-front and right-rear landing gear. When the Chinook arrived at Rafha, maintenance crews worked feverishly to place mattresses and tires under the fuselage in an attempt to keep the aircraft upright during shutdown.. Never flew again in the war.
18/01/91F-16A79-0391/NY 138th TFS/174th TFW damaged - SA-6 or SA-8
18/01/91F-15E88-1689/SJCallsign "T-Bird 56"
Pilot - Maj. Thomas F. "Teek" Koritz - KIA
WSO - Maj. Donnie R. "Chief Dimpled Balls" Holland - KIA
335th TFS/4th TFW16nm SW of BasraAAA
18/01/91OV-10A155435/UU-12Callsign "Hostage 75"
Pilot LtCol. Clifford M. Acree - POW
Aerial Observer CWO4 Guy L. Hunter - POW
VMO-214m NE of Ras Al Mishab, KuwaitIR-SAM
18/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZA392/EKCallsign "Norwich 21"
Pilot Wing Cmdr. Nigel Elsdon - KIA
WSO FltLt. Max Collier - KIA
16th Sqn.8nm NWW TallilAAA
18/01/91Tornado Gr.1MM7074Callsing "Caesar 44"
Pilot Cpt. Maurizio Cocciolone - POW
WSO Cpt. Mario Birchirloni - POW
50 Stormo/155 Gruppo15nm NW Kuwait Cityshot down
19/01/91F-4G69-7571/WWCallsign "Falstaff 66"
Pilot Capt. Tim Burke - ejected
Navigator Cpt. Juan Galindez - ejected
35th TFW1nm N KKMC The air refueling receptacle on top of the jet failed and they couldn’t take on post strike fuel to make it back to the island. They tried for the emergency divert field to the Iraqi border and the engines flames out short of the field. Crew got out okay and was flying combat missions again after a few days.
19/01/91F-16C87-0228/TJCallsign "Clap 74"
Pilot Cpt. Harry M. "Mike" Roberts - POW
614th TFS36nm W Tallil ABmission to attack the Air Defense Headquarters Building in Baghdad, shot down by SA-6
19/01/91F-16C87-0257/TJCallsign "Stroke 65"
Pilot Maj. Jeffrey S. Tice - POW
401st TFWTawaitha Nuclear Research Facility strikeshot down by SA-3
19/01/91UH-60A81-23579Medical Officer SSgt. Garland V. Hailey - KIA236 MEDSaudi ArabiaA/C was attempting NVG descent and turn to downwind leg for landing at 12th Evac Hospital with two patients. Crew lost VR with ground and attempt to arrest descent were too late and A/C struck ground in 10 degree left-side low, 5 degree nose-low attitude at an estimated 100 KIAS. Crew and patients that were restrained received no serious injuries, but MO received blunt force fatal injuries.
19/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZA396/GEPilot Flt.Ltn. David J. Waddington - POW
WSO - Flt.Ltn. Robert J. Stewart - POW
617th Sqn.51nm SE Tallil ABhit by Roland SAM after unsuccessful evade manouver
19/01/91Seaking HC.4ZA312/B 845 Sqn RNAS hit the big rock with tail rotor during pick up of troops, damaged, had to be sling loaded by Chinook, repaired
20/01/91F-15E88-1692/SJCallsign "Corvette 03"
Pilot Col. David W. Eberly - POW
Navigator Maj. Thomas E. Griffith - POW
4th TFWAl QiamSA-2 Story
20/01/91Tornado IDS765Crew rescuedRSAF Crashed 7m short on appraoch to Hafar Al-Batin air field, pilot error, failed to take aerial refuel opportunity (the boom operator was woman and the pilot did not follow her instructions) and subsequently ran out of fuel and crashed
20/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZD893/AGPilot Sqdn. Ldr. Peter Battson - ejected
WSO Wng. Cdr. Mike Heath - ejected
20th SqnTabukcontrol problems after take off, crew ejected
21/01/91AH-1F79-23252   landed on a slope during a brownout; rolled over.
21/01/91F-16C88-0488/HLPilot Capt. Tim Boop338th TFWBaghdad Nuclear Research Centredamaged - R-SAM SA-3, pilot diverted to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, the aircraft was afterwards shipped back to Hill AFB
21/01/91AC-130H69-6572 16th SOS/1st SOG Engaded by SA-6 and SA-8. During evasive manouvers the aircraft literally took nose dive and exceeded all limits to the airframe. It undervent 5 assymetric Gs during flight resulting in all four engines over-torqued, all four propellers leaking fluid and numerous popped rivets in the wings. The plane made it back to King Fahd IAP. A week later, after using all spare propellers, it flew to Rhein-Mein AB for in-depth inspection, and did not return back to Gulf until 19/02/91.
21/01/91A-6E    damaged
21/01/91F-14A+161430/AA-212Callsign "Slate 46"
Pilot Lt. Devon "Boots" Jones - rescued
WSO Lt. Lawrence Randolph "Rat" Slade - POW
VF-103H-2/H-3SA-2 (although it was lost in combat, it was technically not shot down: during the evasive manuevering, the pilot over controlled the aircraft, causing it to stall and depart from controlled flight)
21/01/91AH-64A87-0450 C Company, 3-227th AvnTabuk, Saudi Arabiaw/o due to hard landing
21/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZA467/FFCallsign "Stamford 01"
Pilot - Sqn. Ldr. Gary Lennox - KIA
WSO - Sqn. Ldr. Adrian Paul "Kev" Weeks - KIA
16th Sqn.N3306 E00402possibly NVG problems, AAA night flashes might have caused distractions - suspected that they might have impacted with ground on break maneuver
21/01/91F-16C87-0224/TJCallsign "Wolf 01"
Pilot Col. Jon Ball - ejected and rescued
401st TFWover Persian Gulfearly detonation of Mk.84 bomb, The resulting damaged produced fuel leaks that lead to the engine quitting. The pilot managed to fly his aircraft over the Persian Gulf where he ejected at approximately 10:00 AM. The pilot was rescued by a SH-60B (HSL-44 Det8) stationed on the USS Nicholas.
22/01/91F-16C88-0495/HLPilot Maj. Ed "Spot" Schumacher388th TFW damaged - hit by SAM. Nose gear would not extend. Crash landed at Rafha, Saudi Arabia
22/01/91F-15C83-0026/FF 71st TFS/1st TFW"Home Station"sitting in the F-15 alert area when damaged by fragments from an intercepted Scud missile
22/01/91AV-8B162954/VL-11 VMA-331 flew into sea on night approach to USS Nassau 22/01/1991 - back hanger doors were left open that night and the pilot thought he was approaching the flight deck. In actuality, he was about to fly into the back of the USS Nassau and into the hanger. He popped out only a few yards from the stern of the ship.
23/01/91AV-8B Pilot - Capt. Manuel (Manny) "Buick" Rivera - KIAVMA-331off the coast of KuwaitCaptain Rivera had just gotten engaged before he left. His Harrier got stuck in a nose dive from which he could not recover. He could have ejected and lived but that would have meant letting his plane crash into the Marines that were training on the ground. He stayed in his plane until it hit, saving many lives.
23/01/91AH-1S Crew OK in Saudi Arabiacrashed during night flying
23/01/91A-10A79-0182/EL 76th TFS/23 TFW Damaged by AAA - leading edge wing, 5 wing skin punctures
24/01/91AH-64A87-04522 injuredCompany C, 3rd Btn, 227th Avn (12th Avn Bgd)Tabuk, Saudi Arabiaseverely damaged in heavy landing in Saudi Arabia. Aircraft lost night vision during a sand storm, crew became disoriented, and crashed into a depression.
24/01/91F/A-18A163121/AJ-304Callsign "Active 304"
Pilot ejected and rescued
VFA-15 engine failure, ejected over water, picked up by "Venom 505" SH-3 from USS Caron
24/01/91F/A-18C Callsign "Wolf 01"  damaged
24/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZA403/COCallsign "Dover 02"
Pilot - F/L Simon Burgess - POW
WSO - Sqn. Ldr. Robert Akerson - POW
17th Sqn.over H-3premature bombs detonation
24/01/91Tornado Gr.1ZD843/DH   damaged - R-SAM
25/01/91S-70A-188-26102 RSAF65m NE of Al Jabaylcrashed
25/01/91OH-58D   near Al Qaysuumahcrashed during sandstorm
26/01/91B-52G  1708th BW damaged - AAA
26/01/91B-52G  1708th BW damaged - AAA
26/01/91A-7E158830/AC-403Pilot - Lt. Tom "Steamer" DostieVA-72 damaged during takeoff, hit the baricade when landing on USS John F. Kennedy, damaged beyond economical repair, stripped of parts and pushed overboard. Wouldn’t sink so .50 cal machine guns punched enough holes in it for her to sink after about an hour.
27/01/91B-52G  1708th BW damaged - AAA
27/01/91C-130HKAF322 Kuwait AF Captured by Iraqis in 1990, destroyed by RAF Bucaneer at Shayka Mayhar AB by LGB
28/01/91AV-8B163518/WL-02Callsign "Cat 37"
Pilot Cpt. Michael Craig "Raz" Berryman - POW
VMA-311over Kuwaiti coast attacking FROG siteshot down by AAA
28/01/91Jaguar S(O)216Pilot found deadOman AF40 miles NNE of Thumraitcrashed
28/01/91A-10A82-0664/MB 353rd TFS/354th TFW Damaged by AAA - holes in honeycomb, left elevator and left horizontal stabilisator
29/01/91A-10A78-0715/MB 353rd TFS/354th TFW Damaged by AAA - No.5 pylon broke off, couple of small holes in engine and stabilisator
29/01/91OH-58C(RG)69-16155   written off, pilot's gun caught in collective
30/01/91AC-130H69-6567Callsign "Spirit 03"

Maj Paul . Weaver - Pilot - KIA
Capt T. Cliffor Bland, Jr. - Co-Pilot - KIA
Capt Dixon L. Walters - Electronic Warfare Officer - KIA
Capt Arthur Galvan - Fire Control Officer - KIA
Capt William D. Grimm - Navigator - KIA
SMSgt James B. May II. - Gunner - KIA
SMSgt Paul G. Buege - Sensor Operator - KIA
TSgt John L. Oelschlager - Gunner - KIA
TSgt Robert K. Hodges - Gunner - KIA
SSgt Damon J. Kanuha - Flight Engineer - KIA
SSgt John P. Blessinger - Sensor Operator - KIA
SSgt Timothy R. Harrison - Gunner - KIA
SSgt Mark J. Schmauss - Illuminator Operator - KIA
Sgt Barry M. Clark - Gunner - KIA
1st SOW, 16th SOS12nm N KhafjiShot down by IR-SAM near the Kuwaiti border while supporting the Marines during the first Iraq offensive
31/01/91OA-10A76-0547/NF 23rd TASS/602nd TACW Damaged by AAA - flak damaged on left windscreen
31/01/91A-10A78-0686/MB 355th TFS/354th TFW Damaged by AAA - 8inch hole in vertical stabilisator
31/01/91A-10A76-0540/NO 926th TFG/706th TFSN3010 E04620Damaged by IR-SAM - Vertical tail, horizontal tail, aft fuselage, both wings, left engine cowling. Sat out the rest of the war due to lack of parts, then repaired. Then to McClellan AFB, donated parts to other Hawg and put on display.
31/01/91A-10A77-0268/NO 926th TFG/706th TFS Damaged by AAA - Shrapnel damage in left cockpit area and RT engine, riddled with 378 holes. Damage to Vert tail, horz tail, aft fuselage, both wings, left engine cowling. Blew left main tire after landing, skidded off the runway. 2 weeks to recover to MOB and then cannibalized.
01/02/91A-10A80-0186/EL 76th TFS/23rd TFW Damaged by AAA - front windscreen below HUD
01/02/91A-10A78-0715/MB 353rd TFS/354th TFW Damaged by AAA - minor flak damage to left engine inlet - repaired byl speed tape
02/02/91A-6E155632/AJ-531Callsign "Heartless 531"
Pilot Lt. Patrick K. Conner - KIA
B/N LCdr. Barry T. Cooke - KIA
VA-36off Faylaka Island, 29 miles NE of Kuwait Cityshot down by SA-7 while engaging Iraqi vessels
02/02/91A-10A80-0248/ELCallsign "Uzi 11"
Pilot Cpt. Dale Storr - POW
23rd TFW20nm SW Kuwait Cityshot down by AAA
02/02/91AH-1J157793/WR-711Callsign "Coyote 711"
Pilot Maj. Eugene McCarthy - KIA
Gunner Cpt. Jonathan R. Edwards - KIA
HMA-775 crashed in Saudi Arabia while returning from an armed combat escort mission under NVG
02/02/91A-10A78-0675/MB 353rd TFS/354th TFW Damaged by AAA - wing fence and pylon damage - repaired by speedtape
03/02/91UH-1N160624/SM-213Callsign "Gunfighter 126"
Co-Pilot CAPT James K. "Injun Jim" Thorpe - KIA
Pilot CAPT David R. "Poodle" Herr, Jr. - KIA
Crew Chief CPL Albert F. "Hey-Dad" or "Big Al" Haddad, Jr. - KIA
Gunner CPL Kurt A. "Mercedes" or "Mouth" Benz - KIA
HMLA-369eastern Saudi Arabiacrashed, CFIT at night
03/02/91B-52G59-2593Callsign "Hulk 46"
Pilot Capt. Kevin Kent, ejected, rescued
Co-Pilot, Capt. Jeffrey Love, ejected, rescued
Sgt. Steven Ellard, ejected, rescued
Navigator 1st Lt. Jorge Isaac Arteaga - KIA
Radar Navigator/Bombardier Capt. Jeffrey Jon Olson - KIA
EWO 1st Lt. Eric Douglas Hedeen - KIA
4300th BW/42nd BMWnear Diego Garcia ABCatastrophic electrical system failure while returning to its base at Diego Garcia. While responding to the failure, improper fuel management on the part of the crew caused five engines to flame out, and the aircraft began to descend. Three of the crewmembers ejected safely before the aircraft crashed into the Indian Ocean, but three others ejected too late and were killed.
04/02/91UH-1H    damaged
05/02/91F/A-18C163096/AJ-401Callsign "Warparty 01"
Pilot Lt. Robert J. Dwyer - KIA
VFA-87 crashed into the sea
05/02/91A-10A77-0255/NOPilotCol. Bobby Efferson926th TFG/706th TFS Damaged by SAM - 379 holes, mainly to right side of the plane, also blown tire during landing and skidded off the runway
05/02/91AH-1F79-23222crew injured3rd ACR brownout while hovering, crashed, rolled over
06/02/91A-10A82-0664/MB 353rd TFS/354th TFW Damaged by AAA - struck between station 9 and right gear pod, lost hydraulics, big wing damage
07/02/91F/A-18 Pilot KIA  damaged
07/02/91AH-1S66-15254  Saudi Arabiawritten off, rolled over during take off in brownout conditions
07/02/91UH-1V69-15016Pilot CW3 Richard Ruffin Lee - KIA
4 injured
229 MED DET20m E of RafhaA/C hit the sand dune while the crew was looking out trying to avoid a midair collision during a night mission using NVG.
09/02/91AV-8B162081/CG-09Callsign "Jump 57"
Pilot Cpt. Russell A.C. (Bart) "Shank" Sanborn - POW
VMA-231 shoulder-launched SAM
10/02/91AV-8B    damaged
11/02/91A-10A79-0206/EL 76th TFS/23rd TFW Damaged by AAA - right engine F.O.D, shrapnel damage
12/02/91AV-8B  WMA-542 damaged - AAA
13/02/91F-5E710Callsign "Hunter 26"
Pilot - POW
17th Sqn. RSAFnear wadi Al KirkAAA or SAM
13/02/91F-15C514, ex 80-0074Callsign "Tiger 53"
Pilot - KIA
6th Sqn. RSAF25m SE of Khamis Mushaitcrashed
13/02/91OH-58C(FG)68-16935 CO 1-1 AVN REGT hard landing, damaged, later repaired
14/02/91EF-111A66-0023/UHCallsign "Ratchet 75"
Pilot Cpt. Douglas L. Brandt - KIA
WSO Cpt. Paul R. Eichenlaub II - KIA
42nd ECS/66th ECWnear Saudi Arabia borderCause 1 - possibly locked up in error by a coalition fighter, crew assumed that they were being tailed by a MiG and took the normal precaution of diving to the lowest feasible altitude. Tragically, their aicraft struck the desert, leaving a long streak in the sand with the engines at its conclusion. The crew died in an unsuccessful ejection attempt.
Cause 2 - intercepted by an Iraqi Mirage F-1 flown by Captain Nafie Al-Jubouri, took off from Saad AB better known as H-2 and headed directly to it, fired one single missile type Matra 530, the plane tried to avoid the hit but the missile blew up and caused damage sent the plane to the ground.
Cause 3 - "friendly fire" incident, shot down by a USAF F-15, which mis-identified it as a hostile aircraft (probably an Iraqi Mirage)
14/02/91Tornado Gr.1ZD717/CCallsign "Belfast 41"
Pilot - Flt.Ltn. Rupert Clark - POW
WSO - Flt.Ltn. Stephen M. Hicks - KIA
15th Sqn. (RAF)50nm NW BaghdadJust prior to weapon delivery the crew received radar warnings but with only seconds to weapons release, continued with the attack. Only one of the two LGBs was released, with the other remaining hung-up. Shortly after, the Buccaneer crew reported a visual sighting of two SAMs fired from a site to the North of the target. Crew attempted to take evasive action and to jettison external stores. Despite the crew's actions a missile exploded beside the aircraft, rupturing a canopy beside the pilot's head and smashing the majority of front cockpit instruments. Pilot could not contact his navigator. Immediately after, there was another explosion from a second missile. Despite the extensive damage, including both wings being peppered with holes and no apparent control over the engines, the pilot still had limited control and flew the aircraft for a further two or so minutes before initiating command ejection when he found he could control the aircraft no longer. The pilot sustained a minor injury to his left leg as a result of ejection and descent. WSO was found to be dead. Pilot was subsequently captured and remained as a POW until cessation of hostilities.
15/02/91A-10A80-0186/ELPilot Col. David A. Sawyer76th TFS/23rd TFW Damaged by SA-13 - both rudders, right elevator gone
15/02/91A-10A79-0130/MBCallsign "Enfield 38"
Pilot 1stLt. Robert James Sweet - POW
353rd TFS/354th TFW60nm NW Kuwait CityHit by ground fire (probably SA-13) 60 miles north west of Kuwait city while attacking Republican Guard targets
15/02/91A-10A78-0722/MBCallsign "Enfield 37"
Pilot Cpt. Stephen R. Phyllis - KIA
353rd TFS/354th TFW Shot down by SAM 60 miles North of Kuwait City while circling to protect 1stLt. Sweet make from enemy ground units
15/02/91F-16C84-1379/SWPilot Cpt. Dale Thomas Cormier - KIA17th TFS/363rd TFW crashed, spatial desorientation while landing at Al Dhafra AB, UAE
15/02/91A-6E155602/AB-513Pilot Lt Commander J. "Mac" Williams
B/N Lt. T. L. Fox
VA-85USS AmericaA/C did not break-up or crash into the deck upon landing. A/C took several AAA hits but was able to return to USS America. A/C was losing hydraulic fluid and after a successful trap, did not have brakes after disengaging the arresting cable. The tailhook was down and subsequently the nose-wheel steering was centered. Pilot could neither retract the tailhook, steer or stop the A/C due to the fluid loss. As the A/C approached the end of the deck, unable to stop, the pilot and BN ejected. The A/C nosed over the deck, coming to rest tail-up without going completely over. At this point the rest of the returning strike is in the pattern and low on gas. All available deck crew were summoned to push the A/C overboard to clear the deck so the rest of the strike could recover. The A/C was by all means repairable (it flew back to the ship) but time did not permit the use of the crane to move it out of the way.
16/02/91UH-60A80-23422Crew OK 60m SE of Rafhacrashed, later rebuilt with ESSS
17/02/91F-16C84-1218/SWCallsign "Benji 53"
Pilot Cpt. Scott "Spike" Thomas ejected, rescued
17th TFS/363rd TFW crashed, engine fire
17/02/91UH-1H    crashed
17/02/91B-52G    total electrical failure, emergency landing at Sicily
19/02/91OA-10A76-0543/NFCallsign "Nail 53"
Pilot LtCol. Jeffrey D. Fox - POW
23rd TASS/602nd TACW62nm NW Kuwait Cityshot down by SAM
20/02/91F-16C86-0329/TJCallsign "Beretta 11"
Pilot ejected
401th TFWTurkey airspaceFlamed out during refuelling. Crashed at Diyarbakir, Turkey
20/02/91CH-46E156463/YW-03Callsign "Lady Ace 03", crew OKHMH-165 Returning from a priority night mission when it ran into a fog bank. While attempting to land at an unprepared dusty site the aircraft touched down with a sideward drift and rolled over. The internal fuel tank ruptured and caught fire destroying the aircraft. The crew escaped with minor injuries. Aircraft burried into the sand.
20/02/91OH-58C(RG)69-16113Callsign "Tango 15"
Pilot CWO2 Hal H. Reichle - KIA
Observer SPC Michael D. Daniels - KIA
24th Inf Div55m SE of Salman AFB, IraqA/C flew into the ground on combat recon to Phase Line LION at NT062952 due to bad weather.
21/02/91SH-60B162138/HP-443 HSL-44 Det.6 ditched into the sea after an engine failure
21/02/91MH-60L DAP90-26251Crew:
CW03 Michael F. Anderson [PC] - KIA
CPT Charles W. Cooper [PI] - KIA
SSG Christopher J. Chapman [CE] - KIA
SSG Mario Vega-Velazquez [CE] - KIA
Green Berets/Delta Force:
MSG Otto F. Clark [MO] - KIA
SGM Patrick R. Hurley - KIA
MSG Eloy A. Rodriguez Jr - KIA
3/160th SOARSaudi ArabiaCrew was sent to pick up wounded Delta Force soldier. While returning to a medical facility, the A/C encountered a sandstorm and the pilots lost visual reference with the ground at approx. 0330 hours. Helo flew in right hand turn into the ground, blade tips touched the ground, then the nose and then the helo flipped over crushing the cocpit, killing everyone onboard.
21/02/91F/A-18A  VMFA-314 damaged - IR-SAM
21/02/91F/A-18D  VMFA(AW)-121 damaged - IR-SAM
21/02/91A-6E  VMA-224 damaged - AAA
21/02/91F/A-18A  VMFA-333 damaged - IR-SAM
22/02/91A-10A79-0181/ELPilot Capt. Rich Bailey76th TFS/23rd TFW Damaged during landing - blown tire, aicraft skidded off, buried into the sand after removing useful parts
22/02/91F/A-18A  VMFA-451 damaged - IR-SAM
23/02/91AV-8B161573/WH-16Callsign "Pride 16"
Pilot Cpt. James N. "LZ" Wilbourne II - KIA
VMA-5425m N of Ali Al SalemFailed to recover from dive during night attack on tank park in Ali Al Salem, Kuwait possible SAM hit
23/02/91AV-8B  VMA-331 damaged - AAA
23/02/91AH-64A86-08958  Saudi ArabiaSeverely damaged after collision with AH-64A 86-09044 in brownout conditions, later repaired
23/02/91AH-64A86-09044  Saudi ArabiaSeverely damaged after collision with AH-64A 86-08958 in brownout conditions, writtend off
23/02/91SA-342M4173/138/AEH 6e RHC/3, French AF destroyed
24/02/91SA-341F11296/124/BOT 5e RHC, French AF destroyed
24/02/91UH-1H71-20049   crashed, engine failure in brownout
24/02/91F/A-18A162469/VW-03Pilot Maj. R. M. "Boomer" KnutzenVMFA-314 heavy damage - IR-SAM, engine fire, returned to base
24/02/91F/A-18A162468/VW-14Pilot Capt. S. M. "Coma" QuinlanVMFA-314 heavy damage - IR-SAM, engine fire, returned to base
24/02/91OH-58D86-08929Pilot - 2LT Gary Stethens - injured
observer - 1stLt. Michael Klee - injured
2nd Bat, 502nd Inf (2d Bgd, 101st Abn Div) crashed, CFIT in dense fog, total loss
24/02/91AH-64A87-0452Pilot - CW2 Buckle - OK
Gunner - 1stLt. Wright - OK
B Comp/3-227th Avn pilot lost vision during sand storm - crashed
25/02/91UH-60A Crew chief - killed  crew chief walked up slope into main rotor
25/02/91A-10A80-0166/EL 76th TFS/23rd TFW Damaged by AAA - left engine
25/02/91AV-8B163190/WH-12Callsign "Jump 42"
Pilot Cpt. Scott Walsh - ejected and rescued
VMA-542 IR-SAM, was able to nurse the damaged plane back towards frendlies before ejection
25/02/91OV-10A155424/ER-15Callsign "Pepper 77"
Pilot Maj. Joseph "Alleycat" J. Small - POW
Aerial Observer Cpt. David M. "Hank" Spellacy - KIA
25/02/91AH-64A Pilot Capt. Mike Klingele - C Company commander - rescued
Gunner - CW4 Mike Butler - rescued
1/227th AHB/1st Cav Div shot down by SAM, crew used their special harness and took a ride on another Apache
25/02/91SA-365NHZ-MS17Callsign "Health 67", 3 killedRSAF30m W of DhahranWhilst en route between Dhahran and Riyadh and flying low across the open desert, the helicopter is reported to have suddenly encountered a layer of ground fog. Shortly after entering the fog the helicopter apparently flew into the ground and was destroyed. The accident happened in daylight (08:51 Local time). It is understood that, due to conflicting traffic inbound to Dhahran, the aircraft was instructed to remain below 150 feet until clear of the airport approach path.
26/02/91B-52G  379th BW damaged - R-SAM
26/02/91F-16A  174th TFW damaged - IR-SAM
26/02/91F-16C  388th TFW damaged
26/02/91B-52G  379th BW damaged - R-SAM
27/02/91MH-60    AAA
27/02/91F-16C84-1390/HRCallsign "Mutt 41"
Pilot Cpt. William F. "Psycho" Andrews - POW
10th TFS/50th TFW suffered broken right leg bone (below knee) during ejection. Reportedly had been flying too low and hit by a SA-16. Awarded the Air Force Cross for preventing missile shooters from getting a wingman
27/02/91UH-60L89-26214Callsign "Bengal 14"
Maj (Dr) Rhonda L. Cornum (36), flight surgeon
for the 2nd Attack Helo BN - POW
SPC Troy A. Dunlap - POW
SSgt Daniel J. Stamaris - POW
Pilot CW3 Robert G. Godfrey - KIA
SSgt William T. Butts - KIA
Pilot CW4 Phillip M. Garvey - KIA
Sgt Patbouvier E. Ortiz - KIA
Medical Officer SGT Roger P. Brilinski Jr - KIA
2/229 AVN Attempting a rescue of a downed USAF pilot in F-16C (84-1390, Pilot Cpt. William F. Andrews) while under heavy AAA fire. A/C was hit, pitched forward and crashed into an earthen berm, landing nose first, the A/C dug into the soft sand and flipped over and exploded. Mission was a flight of three (2 AH64s/1 UH60) being vectored to last known location of downed F-16 by AWACS. Flight was vectored directly over a heavily defended Iraqi Republican Guard position. A/C tail cone was severed by AAA (23 and 57mm).
27/02/91UH-60A78-23015Callsign "Cowboy 15"
WO1 George R. Swartzendruber [PC] - KIA
WO1 David G. Plasch [PI] - KIA
SGT Lee A. Belas - KIA
SGT Jason C. Carr - KIA
SSG Jonathan H. Kamm - KIA
WO1 John K. Morgan - KIA
SGT Cheryl LaBeau-O'Brien - KIA
SFC Gary E. Streeter - KIA
1LT Donaldson Tillar III - KIA
4/1 AVN A/C took off from Kuwait Two at 1230 hrs with UH-60 #338 on an EPW mission. At 1730 hrs, 78-23015 separated from 79-23338 in order to pickup PAX waiting at Iraq One. A/C crashed on a heading of 340 deg with wreckage downwind of the crashsite indicated inflight break up. A/C was hauling the crew of UH-1H 64-14273 back to port and then jumped back into Kuwait when they were misoriented and shot down by a ZSU-23-2 AA gun.
27/02/91UH-1H64-142731LT Daniel E. Graybeal [P] - KIA
WO1 Kerry P. Heine [CP] - KIA
SSG Michael R. Robson [MO] - KIA
CE injured
507 MED A/C was on a medevac mission under NVG's when AAA fire hit the T/R causing acft to enter an uncontrollable spin. At some point during spin, CE was thrown clear of acft and impact with ground caused xmsn to fall over which crushed the medic and the pilots were pinned against the instrument panel. Post crash fire engulfed the A/C. The crew survived the crash, but perished onboard UH-60A 78-23015 which was shot down after the recovery
27/02/91AV-8B162740/VL-14Callsign "Magic 14"
Pilot Cpt. Reginald C. "Woody" Underwood - KIA
VMA-331NW of Kuwait CitySA-7; Note: Captain Underwood's daughter was born after he left and he never go to see her.
27/02/91OA-10A77-0197/NFCallsign "Nail 51"
Pilot 1stLt. Patrick B. "Oly" Olson - KIA
23rd TASS/602nd TACW mission in bad weather, hit and tried to recover at FOL, the aircraft flipped over on landing and killed the pilot
27/02/91F-16C  388th TFW damaged - IR-SAM
27/02/91F/A-18  USMC damaged - small arms fire
27/02/91AH-64A Callsign "Avenger 11"
Crew - KIA
  crashed due to fuel starvation
28/02/91RV-1D64-14273Callsign "Cyclops 47"
Pilot Capt. A. Barandi - ejected
Technical observer Spc. Littleton - ejected
1st MIBtnAl Qaysumah AB, Saudi ArabiaCrew´s view of the airfield was obscured due to burning oild field smoke, they ran out of fuel. Pilot made five approaches to land. Crew made planned ejection after they were vectored to the ejection area and cleaned up the cockpit. Pilot sustained stained stomach muscles and back. Admitted to the 12th Evacuation hospital for evaluation and treatment. He was released 2 days later to full duty. T.O. received minor facial injuries. Story
28/02/91OV-1D68-15962Callsign "Cyclops 48"
Pilot CW3 John Adaway - OK
Technical observer SFC Dwayne Brightwell - OK
2nd MIBtnAl Qaysumah AB, Saudi ArabiaCrash landing. Crew´s view of the airfield was obscured due to burning oild field smoke, they ran out of fuel. Both crew members egressed the wreck OK.
01/03/91CH-47D84-24177Callsign "Hercules 177"
Pilot CW3 Robert Hughes - KIA
Co-Pilot MAJ Marie Therese Rossi Cayton - KIA
Flight Engineer SSG Mike A. Garrett - KIA
Crew Chief SPC William C. Brace - KIA
Door Gunner CPL/E-4 Brian Miller - injured
B Company, 2nd Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment A/C was conducting a mission in support of Operation Desert Storm and while flying at 250 ft AGL and 120 KIAS, unaided at night, it struck an unlit microwave tower, crashed, and was totally destroyed by fire. The weather was CAVU/clear and 100% moon illumination. Story
02/03/91UH-1H67-171615 injured6th Btn, 101st Avn In the desert when you take off the aircraft is enveloped in a cloud of dust with no visual reference. The technique is to maintain the aircraft attitude while applying torque as necessary up to maximum until clear of the dust cloud. The pilot had applied the torque and was about above the the dirt with little or no airspeed when the engine failed. This altitude does not allow much reduction of the collective because of high rates of decent. The pilot did the best he could with the rotor he had remaining and touched down tail low allowing the tailboom, then the aft fuselage and landing gear to help dissipate the downward g-force. That is what saved them. The ripping up of the rest of the body occurred because the aircraft bounced up and spun around. The main injury happend because the right seat shoulder seat belt (recoil harness) failed and the pilot ate the cyclic and right door post. Broken jaw and teeth.
 after ceasefireafter ceasefireafter ceasefireafter ceasefireafter ceasefireafter ceasefire
06/03/91AH-1J157777/MP-425 HMA-773 crashed
08/03/91F/A-18C163728/WD-06 VMFA-212south east of Dhahran, Saudi Arabiacollided with 163729, Pilot ejected
08/03/91F/A-18C163729/WD-07 VMFA-212south east of Dhahran, Saudi Arabiacollided with 163728, Pilot ejected
12/03/91UH-60A86-24546Pilot 1LT Joseph D. Maks - KIA
Pilot CW2 Patrick A. Donaldson - KIA
CE SPC Kelly D. Phillips - KIA
Flight Medic SGT Michael S. Smith - KIA
2 Iraqi patients - killed
36 MED Det. A/C was flying at 70 KIAS while transporing two wounded Iraqi soldiers during a night medevac mission when it struck ground in a wings-level, nose-low attitude, CFIT
13/03/91F-16C88-0453/HLCallsign "Spider 32"
Pilot Captain Leonard S. Dick
421st TFS total electrical failure during training flight, destroyed, pilot ejected
19/03/91AV-8B162743/VL-?? VMA-331 Hit water on final approach to the USS Nassau (LHA-4) at night. Crashed into the Red Sea. Pilot ejected and was recovered back to the carrier
31/03/91RF-4C64-1056Pilot Cpt. John Norman - ejected
WSO Cpt. Jeff Kregel - ejected
117th TRW Bleed air duct failure and a catastrophic engine failure right after take-off from Bahrain.
31/03/91C-130H"469"90 KIARSAF The Saudi Hercules flew 95 Senegalese soldiers back from pilgrimage to Mecca to their base at Rash Mishab (also referred to as Ras-al-Mishab). The soldiers were based in Saudi Arabia as part of the allied forces in the First Gulf War. Visibility was poor resulting from the clouds of smoke from the oil wells set ablaze in southern Kuwait by Iraqi troops
01/04/91OH-58D87-00728 D Co 1-1st AVN crashed, fuel boost pump failed
01/04/91OH-58A69-16335 2-227th AVNKing Abdulaziz Air Base, Dhahran, Saudi Arabiacrashed, rotor rpm decayed on approach to King Abdulaziz Air Base, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
04/04/91OH-58C68-16753Pilot WO1 Christopher Andre Martin - KIA
Observer SFC Russell Frank Awalt - KIA
A Comp, 4-229th AVN, 11th Combat Aviation Brigadesouthern IraqCFIT during night recce mission
05/04/91SA-342M3474/94/CXM 1er RHC, French AF destroyed