Various main and tail rotor blade configurations and dimensions

CH-53G/GS/GA/GE, C/HH-53B/C, MH-53H/J/M, CH-53D, RH-53A/D, S-65C-2/S-65Ö, S-65C-3, TH-53A - just any two engine H-53 variants

main rotor - 6 METAL blades - 72’2.7” (21945.6mm) diameter, 26” (660,4mm) chord, square root, square tip
1:72 - 304,8mm diameter, 9,17mm blade chord
1:48 - 457,2mm diameter, 13,76mm blade chord

main rotor - 6 COMPOSITE blades
(updated German CH-53G/GS/GA/GE, Israel S-65C-3, USAF MH-53J/M, TH-53A)

tail rotor - 4 METAL blades - 16’ (4876.8mm) diameter, blade - 6’3” (1828.8mm) root-to-tip, 14” (355.6mm) chord, square root, square tip
1:72 - 67,73mm diameter, blade 25,4mm x 4,93mm
1:48 - 101,6mm diameter, blade 38,1mm x 7,40mm



Airfix - correct
Italeri/Revell/Bilek - 68,4mm diameter (0,7mm longer), blade 27,1mm (1,7mm longer) x 5,2mm (0,27mm longer)
Fujimi - ?


main rotor METAL blades
diameter - 455mm (2,2mm shorter) - blade chord 14mm (0,24mm shorter)

main rotor COMPOSITE blades
diameter - 455mm, blade - 15,6mm chord

tail rotor METAL blades
diameter - 103,4mm (1,8mm longer), blade 40,4mm (2,3mm longer) x 7,5mm (0,1mm longer)

CH-53E, MH-53E, Japan S-80M-1 - 3-engine variants

main rotor - 7 COMPOSITE blades - 79’ (24079.2mm) diameter, 29” (736,6mm) chord, tapered root, tapered tip
1:72 - 334,43mm diameter, 10,23mm blade chord
1:48 - 501,65mm diameter, 15,35mm blade chord

tail rotor - 4 METAL blades (CH-53E only) - 20' (6096mm) diameter, square root, square tip
1:72 - 84,67mm diameter,
1:48 - 127mm diameter,

tail rotor - 4 bladed COMPOSITE blades -



main rotor diameter - 330mm (4,43mm shorter), blade chord 9,7mm (0,53mm shorter)
tail rotor diameter with COMPOSITE blades - diameter 84,33mm, blade 36,33 x 4,8mm
Scale Cast conversion metal blades - 19'6" (5974,08mm) if assembled as supplied, but easily adjustable. (so missing 4" which is 101,6mm which is 1,4mm in 1:72)


main rotor diameter - 490mm (11,65mm shorter), blade chord 14,5mm (0,85mm shorter)
tail rotor diameter with COMPOSITE blades - 127,1mm, blade 54,75mm x 7,54mm

NOTE: Academy and Italeri/Revell/Wolfpack composite tail rotor blades are nearly 100% in size when comparing each other.